I am an undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago, pursuing a BA in History with an additional minor concentration in English. As a second-semester Loyola senior, I am now actively reflecting on my undergraduate courses and how they can shape my future professional ambitions.My undergraduate academic research topics

My undergraduate academic research topics include, Early American Colonial History,  Native American Colonial Relations, Slavery and Abolition, and World War II Polish Historical Memory.

Prior to the Ramonat Seminar, I have also served as an undergraduate scholar for the Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar (NLUS), Loyola University Chicago’s Department of History Honors Research Colloquium. Each seminar, respectively, supported un-published research papers entitled, Slavery In Yamasee Country (2016) and The Polish Survival Narrative (2017). The latter of these research papers were produced thanks to the Polish Resistance Foundation AK Scholarship, within Loyola’s Department of History.

I plan to attend law school in the fall of 2018 and hopefully earn a Masters of Public Administration, after completing my J.D.