New topic, new beginning​

This last week I decided to re-visit my previous topic choice for the seminar. After speaking to Professor Karamanski, I realized that although I am interested in Native American legal history, a project on this subject would be too difficult for my research to turn out successfully. After weighing my options I have chosen to continue my previous scholarship on Native American captive slavery, as this practice related to French missions and Father Marquette.

I have begun to compile a bibliography covering the history of Marquette and Native American slavery in Illinois territory; also including information on French Louisiana connecting to New Orleans hub. My previous scholarship on the topic of Native American slavery was centered in South Carolina (1715). Though the low-country is different from the French territory, the scholarship on Indian slavery is still relevant.

After reading over Andres Resendez’ 2016 book, The Other Slavery: The Uncovered Story of Indian Slavery in America, I have located a few chapters that appear relevant to my new topic. Unsurprisingly, some of the sources Resendez references were incorporated into my research on the Yamasee Indians; specifically the Allan Gallay’s work with Native American history of trading Indian slaves. Through reading the seventh chapter of his book, I was able to locate a new source, Anthropologist Robbie Ethridge. Ethridge writes about the militaristic slave society that emerged over the practice of Indian slave trade.

For the next week, I hope to review my bibliography with Professor Karamaski and locate a solid primary source base, to begin researching. I also have a meeting with Dr. Roberts scheduled to learn about the best ways to use my research stipend. I hope that by the end of February, I will be in a place to begin outlining my findings and forming a solid argument.



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